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With a strong legacy of intricate patterns, technological innovations, and cultural heritage in carpet making, VV Rugs has taken the Carpets manufacturing industry to the next level of artisanship.

Over the course of time V.V had successfully built a strong and wide community of artisans and weavers who are the biggest strength of the company. With the making of these rugs, we preserve culture and knowledge for the coming generation of artisans.

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Why Choose Us

The look of a well fitted carpet will enhance your room. It is attractive to look at, and offers the natural feel of a luxury natural textile. Carpet has a natural built in insulation for maintaining warmth and reducing unwanted noise from around your home.

Carpet durability is dependant on purchasing the correct carpet for the floor area you wish to cover. The carpet pile itself, the fibre, the weight of the fibre, and the density of the pile, will all contribute to the performance of the carpet. We have a great choice of carpets, available in various weights.

The texture of carpet you require will affect the overall look of your room. This is entirely a personal choice so care should be taken to select the correct textured carpet for your requirements. As a guide, carpet textures are available in twist pile, loop pile, woven Axminster, velvet,and saxony.

Carpets are on offer in a wide choice of colours and textures. It is always a good idea to obtain samples of paint colours and any other fabric finishes you are going to have in your room, together with samples of carpet. This will help you choose the colour of carpet most suitable for your home.

Our Testimonails

We shopped around for the best deals and found that the carpet company offered the best price, quality service."

Mary Scott

"Helpful , expert advice and professional service. Delighted with the results."

Recel Mist

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